Study Halls

Study Halls are a great (and affordable) way to get lots of practice solving problems without wasting time or getting frustrated, while also getting to know other people in your class (and yes, maybe even have fun :D).

These sessions are class-specific and run for three hours. You can work on your webwork, assignments or practice problems from the textbook etc. &nd we’ll be happy to help you choose appropriate problems that will help you strengthen your weakest skills. 

Sessions run for 3h. You tackle problems on your own or with other students from your class and an experienced tutor will check in regularly to answer any questions you may have. As such, you get the benefit of a 3h tutorial with an experienced teacher for a small fraction of the price! 

We introduced these sessions because we know focused, supported practice is critical to understanding the material and succeeding in your class.

Upcoming Study Halls are posted on the side-bar of this site, and listed below. Use the form below to register for upcoming sessions that you’d like to attend. As with all of our sessions, we’re committed to financial accessibility, contact Jacob or Adaam for more details.

Cost & Payment Options for Study Halls

Effective, focused practice is essential to succeeding in any math class, no one just gets it. As such, the price structure for these sessions is intended to encourage and reward you for putting in that practice time.

N.B. Attendance for only part of a session is allowed, but the price is the same.


If you’re not a regular weekly tutorial member, but would like to have a space for quality, focused practice with other motivated students and professional help, here are your options:

• Per-Session: $30 for the full 3h session. Barring exceptional circumstances (with appropriate documentation) we ask for 72h notice of cancellation or a fee of 50% applies. In all cases, if you are able to find someone to take your place, no fee applies.

• Weekly Membership: prepay for a weekly study hall for the semester (10 x 3h sessions) and save 33% off the regular price!  That works out to only $20 for the full 3h session!

Tutorial Members

If you’re a member of any weekly tutorial, then you qualify for these special discounted prices:

Per-Session: 50% off the regular price – only $15 for the full 3h session. To be able to offer the sessions at this special price by minimizing the administrative work required to run these sessions, the full fee applies in the case of cancellation for any reason, unless you are able to find another student to take your place.

Weekly Membership: prepay for a weekly study hall for the semester (10 x 3h sessions) and save 66% off the regular price! That works out to $10 for the whole 3h hour session (!). That’s how important we believe (good) practice is to succeeding in math.

Upcoming Study Halls:

Study Halls will run on either Wednesdays from 5:30/6pm-8:30/9pm or Saturdays from 4:30/5pm – 7:30/8pm, pending group preference and enrolment. Upcoming sessions will be posted here & on the sidebar of the site, including the time and room for individual classes. 

No upcoming events

RSVP for a Study Hall


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