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About the Weekly Mastery Lectures for McGill MATH 264

The weekly sessions for Math 264 are 2h, small-group, sessions that aim to clarify the concepts and theory presented in the class lectures. They will not only clarify the terminology and notation, but are carefully designed to be interactive, and give you a chance to test your understanding of the material right away, by looking at representative problems.

The sessions include detailed, fully-developped  solutions, meant to illustrate different aspects of the material in a systematic, structured way that makes it really easy for you to focus on understanding (instead of just copying notes), so you can identify and understand the core concepts. Solutions are even colour-coded to make it easy for you to see through the barrage of symbols and focus on the key elements essential for successfully solving the problems yourself. This will also help you learn to structure your answers efficiently and effectively, so that the logic of the solution is clear to you (and the marker!), and you won’t have to spend time at the end of the semester re-learning material before the final.

The sessions are also designed with a view of the entire course in mind, so you know where to invest your time both in terms of success in this class, as well as in terms of the topics that will have the greatest application in future classes.

The Weekly Mastery Lectures will help you with:

  • Time Management: even if you’re keeping up with the class on your own, the Weekly Mastery Lectures will help you make better use of your study time.  The notorious difficulty of McGill math classes is not inherent to the content itself; rather, it is the sheer volume of material that makes the classes so challenging. Better to spend 2h in a weekly session that will help you really understand the concepts and complete assignments yourself, rather than spending 8-10+h banging your head against the textbook and trying to decipher online resources only to get answers that don’t really make much sense to you, and have it haunt you come exam time, when you’ve got 4 other classes to study for.
  • Maintaining Commitment: despite the best of intentions to keep up with material and not use Wolfram for Webworks, Montreal has its way of always offering up absolutely, totally, 100% legitimate reasons that derail the best laid plans. So you make a financial commitment to a weekly session that helps you reach your goal. Knowing that you need help to reach a goal (& acting on it!) is knowing how to find the success you want.
  • Math Therapy: I believe that anyone who wants to learn math, can. You may be terrible at math, true – but there’s probably a list of bad math teachers somewhere in your past that would go a long way to explaining the difficulties you have, & no one wants to spend their time feeling like they just can’t get it. However, if you’re motivated and willing to do the work and practice, then you can definitely succeed. I’ve seen it hundreds of times: students go from failing in a fantastically impressive way to acing the class. The weekly tutorials will go a long way to rehabilitating your relationship with math.
  • Top of the Class: a large number of the students who attend weekly sessions don’t want to just pass the class, they want to understand the material at an intuitive level, & they want to ace the class. The weekly tutorials provide a wealth of information that help you develop general, transferable skills in mathematical literacy and reasoning, and I work hard to help students do their very best (and many have both aced their classes and finished very top of the class).

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Cost & Payment Structure for Weekly Mastery Lectures for Math 264

If you have never attended one of my sessions previously, your first session is only $20. Simply regiter using the contact form above, or get in touch with me at – you’ll be glad you did!

  • Full 7-Week Membership: prepay for the entire set of 7 sessions and get the best price for the Math 264 sessions: $280 for everything you need to master the material and succeed in your class.

    Included in the weekly membership: not only the weekly lectures, but detailed notes at every session (7-12 pages, 9pt, colour-coded), and priority registration (as well as discounted rates!) for WebWork Workshops, Midterm Review and Final Mastery Sessions.

    This option is only available during the first 3 weeks of sessions and for the total set of 7 sessions. So if you join during the 2nd or 3rd session, the price is still $280; however, you’d receive all the previous notes and still qualify for all the benefits.

    My goal in offering this lowest price is to encourage you to join the sessions early, so that you can establish a strong foundation right from the start so you’ll be less stressed for the final and do better in the class, overall: take advantage & register right away!

  • Prepay (min.) 4 Sessions: $220, includes notes and all other benefits of weekly membership. There is always the option of getting the notes from previous tutorials, sutdents can contact me at for exact prices. The same benefits as the 7-week membership also apply. For complete details, get in touch using the contact form or contact
  • Individual Sessions: $65/session, including all relevant notes; subject to space; cancellations must be made min. 48h prior to the session. For additional information, get in touch using the contact form, above.

N.B. Price subject to change without notice. All payments are non-refundable. please contact for additional information.
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Everything You Need to Know About Mcgill MATH 264: The Long View

This class is largely about really understanding notation. If you don’t understand how the notation is leading you towards the appropriate way to handle a problem and how to go about solving it, then the class can appear to be a great deal more confusing than it actually is.

Another important aspect is being able to properly visualize what the different types of integrals represent: what’s the difference between a single-variable integral like those seen in Math 141 and a single variable integral of a single-variable function along an arbitrary path in R2? or a vector-valued function along an aribtrary path in R2? or a single variable function along an arbitrary path in R3? or a vector-valued function along an arbitrary path in R3? Let alone surface integrals and all the theorems you’ll need to apply!

All of these objects have a clear and simple geometric interpreation that is actually very intuitive, and is even reinforced by the notation. This second piece of the puzzle can make a big difference to your ability to master the material.

Overall, this coure is relatively easy, as it builds on your knowledge from earlier classes; however, the emphasis is generally on conceptual understanding, which depends to a large extent on students’ mastery of the foundations of calculus in Math 140, 141 and 262. If you’re struggling to distinguish between the various types of integrals or don’t know where to start when it comes to solving a problem, be sure to get help right away – whether in the weekly Mastery Lectures or elsewhere – there’s no need to be confused and the sooner you clarify the relationships between all the different types of integrals, the sooner you’ll feel confindent about your ability to master the class.

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Upcoming Sessions for McGill MATH 264 Advanced Calculus for Engineers (Winter 2018):

The first group is always scheduled on the weekend, generally at the same time every week, on campus in McLennan Library. Once there are enough students for a second group, it will be scheduled during the week.

No upcoming events


 What others are saying about our sessions:

Finding the right teacher is really important, but it’s not easy to know what to expect. Here are some unsolicited comments from recent students in MATH 263 at McGill. You can find more reviews from past students on the tutorials page. Ask around: we work hard to make sure that all of our students do the best they can!

“I know most people are probably Grieve-ing for their grades right now but I found the final difficult but manageable.

Just wanted so say thanks for the help this semester with ODES. The emphasis you put on theory was extremely useful for this class especially on the final.

Thanks again Bro-dry for the time and effort you put into the sessions and I’ll definitely recommend you to anyone looking for a math tutor. Also quiz apparently went better than I originally thought: I got 100%!”

– Laurent G.

“Thanks again for all the work you’re putting into these tutorials. It’s really making a difference as far as learning and really understanding the material goes … Jacob is an excellent instructor. He takes care to ensure we truly understand the material and can derive the equations needed on our own.

His sessions are clear, concise, and engaging, much better than any materials supplied by the professors or math texts.

I highly recommend him to anyone having issues intuitively understanding the materials in class.”

  – Zachary K.

“Just wanted to keep you updated as you asked about my grade! I ended up getting an A- which I am extremely happy about so thank you again so much for your help, would have never been able to do so well without it!”

  – Cassie E.

“Got an A! Thanks for the help I’m so relieved woooooow!”

  – J. Arnette

“Comparing my Calc 1 results (C) and Calc 2 results (B+) all I can say is you saved by butt! and I am very grateful for that. Thank you!!!!”

  – Dana M.

“I passed. Literally almost threw my computer in the air I was so relieved. I’m pumped – Thanks so much.”

  – A. Singh

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