Final Mastery Sessions

RSVP for Math 141 Final Exam Mastery Sessions

Full details about the content and costs of the sessions can be found directly below the registration form.

NB: Mastery sessions are targeted at students who know & understand the material and want to focus on the finer details of solving problems; little-to-no-time will be spent explaining the content. Review sessions will include all the same material, but we will spend some time illustrating the concepts and solving questions in full. If you are uncertain as to which session to attend, go with the Review. See below for more details.

NB All discounts will be automatically applied. A 50% non-refundable deposit will be required to finalize your RSVP. Full details will be provided in the confirmation email.


It’s simple: the more review you get, the better you’ll do, so for every additional session you register for, you save $10; save an additional $20 if you register for all 4 sessions (for a total of $50 off):

  • 1 session: $60 for 3h, including notes and practice problems;
  • 2 sessions: $120 $110 for 6h, including notes and practice problems (for each session);
  • 3 sessions: $180 $160 for 9h, including notes and practice problems (for each session);
  • 4 sessions: $240 $190 for 12h, including notes and practice problems (for each session).

Discounts will be applied automatically, additional details and information will be provided in the confirmation email you receive upon registration.

Mastery 1:  Methods of Integration – How to Integrate Anything (& fast!)

Pre-session Worksheet for Mastery 1

Thursday April 2nd, 5:30-8:30pm (M3-37A; $60*): in this three hour session, we’ll take your integration skills to the next level by looking at exam-level integrals and developing a systematic method that will help you learn to integrate anything, and save time on the exam. Most of the session will involve a fast-paced analysis of ~100 integrals, giving you a chance to identify the key information and develop your skills during the session. Additional practice problems (>200 integrals, including a list of classic exam problems) representative of exam-level material will be provided for additional practice. A session not to be missed.  *Discounts available, see above for details.

Mastery 2:  Sequences & Series

Tuesday April 7th, 5:45-8:45pm (M3-37A; $60)in this second three hour session will focus on brining your understanding of sequences and series up to the exam-level. Emphasis will be placed on efficient strategies, pattern recognition and identifying your weakest points so that you can focus your studying most effectively in the last days before your final. Lots of examples from past-exams and, as always, additional practice problems. *Discounts available, see above for details.

Mastery 3: Lengths, Areas, Volumes and Polar/Parametric curves

Thursday April 9th, 5:45-8:45pm (M3-37A; $60*)in this third three hour session, we’ll review the application of integrals to exam-level area, arc-length and volumes of revolution as well as exam-level questions relating to polar and parametric curves. Each of these sections has a few fairly representative types of problems which, if mastered, will prepare you for related material on your final. Loads of additional practice problems will be provided so that you can get lots of practice with these types of questions well before the exam. These are usually run as two separate sessions, so this is a really a 2-in-1 special. *Discounts available, see above for details.

Mastery 4:  Solving Theory & Concept Questions

Saturday April 11th, 2:30-5:30pm (M3-37A; $60*)This last session, we’ll look at exam-level Riemann-Sum problems; applications of the Fundamental Theorem of Calculus (I & II) as well as the Integral Mean-Value Theorem and advanced Improper Integrals – all the stuff that can get left behind when you’re focusing on perfecting the other major sections of the class.  As with all the other sessions, additional practice problems will be provided, as well as a pre-session worksheet that will help you get more out of the session. *Discounts available, see above for details.

Mock Exams (A / B / C)

This last session will attempt to recreate some of the stress of the exam by presenting you with a mock final in an exam-like setting. Some of the stress of your exam will be approximated by providing an insufficient amount of time to solve the questions, where your goal will be to identify the correct method and setup the appropriate equations and/or anticipate the general form of the solution; we will then solve the questions together. Questions will not be grouped by theory or content, but will reflect the realistic structure of the exam. Additional variations on each question will be discussed to help you practice sections that proved most challenging.  *Discounts available, see above for details.

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  1. Hi,

    I’m taking Math 141 this summer semester.
    Do you give weekly tutorial during May?
    Yaniv Bronshtein told me about your tutorials.

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