MATH 141 – Integration Session

No theory. No algebra. No baby questions. As a follow-up to the first Mastery Session for MATH 141 this past Saturday, we’ll be running a session on exam-level integrals this coming Thursday from 6-8pm. Students will be given 30-60s to identify the correct method and setup the integral in an effort to help them develop this most important skill for Hundemer’s exam. We’ll be providing a list of ~30 classic integrals that you should definitely know, as well as an additional ~80 questions taken directly from the past 15 years of MATH 141 exams. The cost will be $5-10/h for students attending the mastery sessions; $15/h for non-mastery students (who can save $5 for every friend they bring); $40 at the door. RSVP by contacting Adaam at

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